Women photography

I create women’s portraits in an intimate atmosphere, I always care about the comfort of my models. Every woman is an extraordinary source of creative inspiration. I try to show the delicate beauty of each of you.

I make photoshoots in my studio in Mieczewo near Poznań (only 25 minutes from Rataje) or outdoors. Pictures can also be taken in your home or in a stylized apartment in Poznań (for an extra PLN 150).

The photo session lasts between 2-4 hours depending on the selected package.

Keeping the casual atmosphere during the photoshoot is important to me, that’s why your ideas are always welcome.

Up to 5 days after the session, you will receive access to an online gallery with photos to choose from. The shots you select will then be retouched.

I need up to 5 days, after which you will then receive them electronically. On request, I can prepare prints in various sizes on artistic papers.

A few words about session preparation.

Styles, blouses, loose sweaters, laces, maternity clothes and accessories are provided in the studio. If you have any favorite clothing and items you want to wear during the photoshoot, please bring them with you 🙂

If you want to bring stockings in a lighter skin tone, please do. Legs always look phenomenal in high heels so bring with nude, black or white heels!

Important notes! On the day of the session, do not put on tight stockings/tights, socks, underwear or leggings. They leave visible marks on the body.

Do not perform any invasive cosmetic procedures before the session. Although, the day before the shoot, I do recommend relaxing and moisturizing the skin 🙂
Come to the session without makeup. Professional photographic make up will be applied before the shoot.

Take care of your nails, they play an important role in the pictures and must look presentable!

Don’t forget to bring a good attitude to the session 🙂

5 shots

500 zł
  • 5 airbrushed shots,
  • one stylig,
  • make-up
  • time: around 2 hours

12 shots

700 zł
  • 12 airbrushed shots,
  • two stylig,
  • make-up
  • time: around 3 hours

Let's Celebrate package

500 zł
  • 12 ujęć,
  • pomysł na świętowanie i super pamiątkę z wieczoru panieńskiego, kawalerskiego, BabyShower, urodzinek itp
  • szampan w prezencie


700 zł
  • dwie osoby fotografowane,
  • dwa makijaże,
  • po jednej stylizacji,
  • każdy otrzymuje po 2 ujęcia portretowe indywidualne oraz po
  • 4 takie same ujęcia wspólne
  • łącznie 6 ujęć